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Rift Odyssey Book 1 and 2 out now

Samara Knight - Romance Author

Hello and welcome to my corner of the Internet 🥰

If you're captivated by historical romances that traverse eons and realms, 

and love looking at random creative endeavors from an indie author-artist,

 you've come to the right place!

Explore a world where past and passion intertwine.

The odyssey that started it all! An epic tale of an Icelandic blacksmith who falls from the sky and finds himself stranded in a quaint Chinese village. Taken in by a beautiful widow, he forges awesome weapons and learns to speak Chinese in record time 😆

When a dashing Korean nobleman meets a beautiful silversmith, their days are filled with witty banter, and their nights are dedicated to exploring various (ahem) marital arts. Along the way, they also face jaguars and warlords... 🔥 

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A glimpse into my traditional and digital art -- including the illustrations you see in the books 🎨

Sprayed edges, anyone?

Some creative endeavors I'm currently working on 🛠️ These include, but are not limited to, sequels, special editions, swag, and more!

Meet me at your local bookstore, get some copies signed, and grab some swag along the way! 🛍️


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