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Samara Knight - Romance Author

Hello and welcome to my corner of the Internet! 

If you're captivated by historical romances that traverse centuries and realms, you've found the perfect place. 

Dive in and explore a world where past and passion intertwine.


The odyssey that started it all! An epic tale of an Icelandic blacksmith who falls from the sky and finds himself stranded in a quaint Chinese village. Taken in by a beautiful widow, he forges awesome weapons and learns to speak Chinese in record time 😆

When a dashing Korean nobleman meets a beautiful silversmith, their days are filled with witty banter, and their nights are dedicated to exploring various (ahem) marital arts. Along the way, they also face jaguars and warlords... 🔥 

Coming soon


A glimpse into my traditional and digital art -- including the illustrations you see in the books 🎨

Sprayed edges, anyone?

Some creative endeavors I'm currently working on 🛠️ These include, but are not limited to, sequels, special editions, swags, book signings, and more!


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